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PostSubject: Lazurio   7th June 2018, 01:27

Character Type:
Name: Lazurio Calabrese

Age: 27
Birthplace: Nychta
Gender: Male

Appearance: An attractive individual, he stands at 6'0" and is broad shouldered, muscular tone. He is fair skinned, giving off a lunar glow in the shine of odd lighting. His hair is cut short, silver as the moon, and his eyes are grey and gentle. He smiles often, a sleepy grin.
He wears a black dress shirt that is unbuttoned by two near his collar, showing a sheer white undershirt. His pants are long and black as well, his boots reaching his knees, the pant legs tucked in. The boots are black as well, but have chain accessories attached to the sides, glittering with shine. At times he wears a wide brimmed hat that is also black, which he uses to cover his face, at least his eyes, providing a slightly mysterious look.

History: Lazurio is sibling of the royal family in Nychta, living a relatively calm life sheltered until he was fifteen. By then he was trained in battle, added into the army. When he was 20, he met with a young girl known as Capucine Calabrese. Eventually they had fallen for each other and had married, having twin children, one named Alice and the other Emma.
But as Lazurio was, he often left his family in order to fight the battles between Giorno and his bloodline. This resulted in a lot of strain, and Capucine divorced him, running off with the two girls. With grief, Lazurio returned to Notte, joining the army once more to keep fighting.

Special Attacks: Claw Moon Technique ( Tecnica con Artigli Lunari) : He makes a sign with his hands, confusing his opponent. Upon confusion, he will throw the sickle forward as if a boomerang and once close enough he will sprint, swiftly taking a hold of the weapon and take place behind the opponent, blade to their neck while pinning them.
Dance of the Ethereal (Danza dell'Etere) : Taking both weapons, he gracefully slashes as if choreographed, each slicing at the surface of the opponent's clothes or armor. Each attack reduces the armor further, leaving the opponent vulnerable when complete.
Finisher: Blood Moon Twin Ray (Luna Rossa Barlume del Gemello) : He will grip at either the opponent's ankle or wrist, and swing them around in arcs back and forth, until he hurts them enough to knock them out from the lands on to the ground.

Warrior Form:
Name: Infernal Warrior Severiano
Description: With his armor and cloth being a midnight blue and hints of it being black, there are silver inscriptions along the pieces that glow brightly in the moonlight. His helm is dark in color yet scratched up, therefore jagges silver lines cover the helm.

Type of Fighter: Gracefully offensive, also a trapper.
Weapon(s) of Choice: A bone-white sickle with inscriptions in the blade and a silver dirk which, if he's lazy, can connect to each other at the hilts. He can also do some martial arts.
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PostSubject: Re: Lazurio   7th June 2018, 01:29

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PostSubject: Aristide   17th June 2018, 21:33

Character Type: Side Character
Name: Aristide Fynn-Domani
Age: 36
Birthplace: A town in Imera
Gender: Male

Appearance: He stands at 6'4" and has a lean body type is with broad shoulders and strong arms. He has tanned skin that was darkened so by many days spent in the sun, and his hair is brown and light, yet darker than his skin. It is wavy and tied back often, but reaches the lower back of his neck. His eyes are gold with amber flecks, and he often has a hard stare, a natural resting face. Facial hair can be seen along his jaw, it being groomed carefully, though there are times he shaves it off completely.
He wears a double breasted suit that is a dark aqua, having a striped vest shirt under it that is grey and a darker blue. His arms are covered in silver armor, a vambrace, though this is to conceal nothing. His shoes are a polished black.

History: He was born in a wealthy family in a city of Imera. He lived out of trouble until he had reached the age of 12, in which his family received a letter from the family of Notte, claiming that they summoned any one of their male family members to their mansion. His father was wounded greatly from battles prior, in a coma-like stasis, and his brother was merely a baby at the time, so he volunteered. He ended up being sent to the mansion and given the job of being Lazurio Notteā€™s bodyguard.
He was trained for years on end, yet when Lazurio married and ran off with Capucine he had no choice other than follow him wherever he went.
He became friends with Lazurio, yet slowly so, as they were inseparable by force. But they later become like brothers and thus their good bond resulted in stronger loyalty.

Special Attacks: Cleaving Guardian Shield: Immediately dashing in front of whoever he is protecting, he will swing his axe in an arc and immediately attack the offender while defending the person.
Feign Attack: He will make a movement that usually looks like an attack, and if the offender counterattacks he deflects with shield. If the offender shields themself then he will switch to a different attack and attack their undefended spots.

Finisher: Cutthroat Ultimatum: He will strike at the hidden side of the offender, which means he'll usually go for their weak spot, wherever it is, if he can find it in an instance. He will strike at the weak spot and incapacitate them promptly.

Warrior Form:
Name: Personnel Warrior Lucenzio
Description: With bulky white-silver armor, he has black inscriptions along the edges of his shoe armor and vambraces. His helm covers most of his face, making him unrecognizable as a person. His armor has dark grey scratches all along it, as if he had been into many battles and lived scathed.

Type of Fighter: Defensive
Weapon(s) of Choice: Axe and shield
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PostSubject: Re: Lazurio   

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