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PostSubject: Jackie   1st June 2018, 15:35

Name: Jackie

Age: 17
Birthplace: Some unknown place on Polemos
Gender: Female

Appearance: Jackie is about 5’6 feet tall and weighs about 160 pounds. Her hair is purple and short only reaching the top of her neck, her eyes are green and pale white skin. She wears a black jacket, a white shirt, purple fingerless gloves, black jeans, purple shoes, and 4 white belts all four hanging around her waist usually at least one them are carrying her weapons but for the most the belts are there for her to attach satchels of stuff that she will need some time later.

History: Born to a very poor family. Jackie was abandoned by her parents when she was just 5 ,and was forced to fight for scraps and whatever else she could get to survive. For about 2 years she stole and fought to survive because she couldn’t really just roll over and die, but she didn’t trust other people because of how most of the people she tried to trust before betrayed her. When jackie was 12 she ending up traveling to try and find a place to find in, and because she was sick of living in the city with all of the gangs within the city fighting each other for rule of the place had turned the city into a war zone. Now she travels mainly just surviving by her own fighting skills and stealing.  

Special Attacks:
Violet steel crasher: Jackie jumps into the air and comes down hard on her foe with her baseball bat.
Skull Basher: Jackie unleashes a flurry of punches with her brass knuckles equipped aiming mainly for the head.
Violet Bone breaker: Jackie uses all three of her weapons and attacks her foe and hits at the bones of them mainly the arms and legs always at least breaking one of the bones before knocking her foe out.
Warrior Form:
Name: Personnel warrior Dragon’s Dark Flame
Description: The armor looks like black dragon scales put together like armor expect when equipped the scales lit themselves on fire and wings of black flames appear on the back. Her whole body from head to toe in this armor she is just fine in there and her eyesight works just fine even with the flames around her eyes.

Type of Fighter: quick and hard hitter get into hits before the foe can react.
Weapon(s) of Choice: brass knuckles, a steel baseball bat , and a butcher knife.
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PostSubject: Re: Jackie   2nd June 2018, 23:25

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